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                              1. 中文 English ck棋牌首页 WelcomeFoshan Nanhai Twnoky Bathware Co.,Ltd!


                                International top brandsFaucet professional manufacturer

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                                Reasons for choosing SUS304Zero lead new healthy new height

                                01表面处理 Surface treatment

                                Physical surface treatment, without plating, do not have to worry about the impact of the coating off the appearance, the appearance of stainless steel itself luster, can maintain a lifetime as bright as new.

                                02性能 Performance

                                Stainless steel has a heat resistance, at high temperature, both the oxidation resistance or resistance to corrosive properties of gas medium that is thermal stability. At the same time, there is enough strength at high temperature that heat, similar to the kitchen in the high temperature zone is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the choice of heat resistant stainless steel faucet more healthy.

                                03健康环保Health protection

                                ck棋牌首页Stainless steel material safety lead-free, corrosion and exudate, no odor or chaos.

                                ck棋牌首页It will not cause two pollution to the water quality, keep the water clean and sanitary, and ensure the health and safety.

                                4 AdvantagesHundred percent to meet your requirements


                                Safety health

                                The most widely recognized and most widely used steel tower

                                No lead, strong resistance to rust and bacteria

                                Water quality will not be subject to two pollution


                                Quality assurance

                                Automatic CNC machining, precision, speed, high output

                                Independent surface treatment production line, rapid production, quality assurance


                                Changjia supply benefits users

                                All equipment Changjia supply the greatest benefits to the user.

                                Enjoy the lowest price on behalf of the general market

                                ck棋牌首页One stop supply customers certainly trustworthy


                                Professional services trustworthy

                                Perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system;

                                Long term cooperation with domestic customers involved in bathroom manufacturers, hotel engineering, real estate projects, large hardware companies, such as more than and 10 areas

                                The system introduces the performance, characteristics, comparison, recommend the most suitable for the user's equipment;

                                National Service Hotline

                                more+ 联系我们Contact us

                                Foshan Nanhai Twnoky Bathware Co.,Ltd

                                Foshan Nanhai Connaught Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. mainly produces 304 stainless steel faucet, shower faucet, metal pendants and other high-end bathroom products. All the products of our company are made of 304 stainless steel as the main material of the 304 stainless steel faucet. The production process does not need plating to avoid the destruction of the living environment. The key element for Taiwan or imported brands, the development of investment casting technology and CNC machining technology. The utility model not only has the advantages of beautiful appearance, durability, but no rust. Connaught bathroom 304 stainless steel faucet products with excellent design and superb technology, has been fully affirmed the industry and consumers. The company always adhere to the scientific design, Seiko, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction quality policy, strictly implement the internati...

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                                Stainless steel faucet and buil

                                Now we are paying attention to stainless steel, no matter what kind of things have stainless steel, today we come to understand the stainless steel faucet, the use of stainless steel material to make a faucet possible. Stainless steel faucet and building life. Stainless steel faucet safe lead-free, no corrosion and exudate, no o 【View details】

                                more+ 常见问题解答 FAQ

                                304 rust proof characteristics
                                Stainless steel is in the air, water, acid, alkali, salt and other solutions, or other corrosive medium with a certain chemical stability of metal materials. When the composition of stainless steel contains a certain proportion of...
                                The advantages of stainless ste
                                In our daily life, can see the stainless steel shower, you will see the use when we took a bath, use is very convenient, today we have to take you to understand the advantages of stainless steel bathroom shower. Stainless steel fa...
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                                Stainless steel is very much in the present application, especially the application of stainless steel water is also very much, this product has a lot of advantages, the next Xiaobian and talk about what are the advantages of stai...
                                Why stainless steel faucets are
                                Stainless steel faucet in the modern decoration has been widely used, but also very popular with users, then why is the stainless steel faucet so popular? Xiaobian to tell you about the advantages of stainless steel faucet: A stai...
                                Stainless steel faucet correct
                                The use of the most modern decoration faucet is stainless steel, stainless steel faucet is not only practical and durable, and the appearance is also very good, but in the use of such products should also pay attention to maintena...

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